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Superintendent Message - RR Press 9/25/2019

  • With almost three months having passed since I took over the superintendent position for the Rogue River School District, I have learned many things about our schools, our employees, and our community.  I believe sharing what I have learned will highlight some of the amazing things I’ve seen in such a short amount of time.

    First, let’s talk about the amazing teachers you have in this school district.  I’ve met so many committed, engaged, and enthusiastic teachers who are excited to be working with the students of Rogue River.  Sitting in on meetings and just observing in the hallways and classrooms, I’ve been impressed with the level of commitment to education and building relationships with students that I have seen from our teachers.  I have learned that you have a teaching staff to be proud of.

    No school can properly function without support staff.  These people take the form of aides, assistants, custodial, office staff, and more.  What I have always valued most in a support person is that they enjoy and care about children and have the capacity and desire to help kids in whatever way they can.   I have been pleased with what I have seen from our support staff.  I have learned that as a group, the support staff in the Rogue River Schools are putting their hearts and efforts into supporting our students. 

    I have learned that this community is blessed with some very involved and engaged board members. I’ve never seen or heard of a group of board members that is so hands on with volunteering and getting involved in projects, sports, events, and activities designed to improve the schools and support students.  Their commitment to our students is clear.  You chose well, Rogue River.

    I have learned that you have an active and committed Parent Teacher Association.  These passionate people work diligently to volunteer and bring numerous wonderful activities and events to our students.  This group of people gives their time to make the lives of our students and educators much better.  Engaged parents are a key component of a vital PTA, and we have that.  I’m sure they would welcome more parents, so if you like joining a winning team and an amazing group of people, seek out the next PTA meeting and get involved.

    Your Boosters club is another group of volunteers who go above and beyond.  I’ve learned that they have overflowing passion to support our young people in their athletic and academic endeavors.  Go to a sporting event and you will see them taking gate money, helping out around the event, selling concessions and clothing articles, and rallying for more involvement and help.  You should definitely give it to them!!  The real winners from the boosters efforts are our students.

    Hopefully you will agree that there are many amazing people and organizations involved in making our schools and community an amazing place.  This is just a small list that I’m sure could be added to.  With so many great things catching my eye so early on, it makes me look forward to what I will learn in the coming months.


    Patrick Lee
    Rogue River School District #35

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