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Superintendent Message 1/30/2020

  • Congratulations one and all!!! You are one day from the midpoint of the year.

    While the thought of being half way through sinks in and leaves many of us with conflicted feelings of excitement and anxiety, I want to take this chance to thank everyone for their efforts while also celebrating our most recent highlight.

    Hopefully you have heard or seen that the RRJSHS had a tremendous graduation rate. Our number was 87.7% which put us higher than any school in Josephine County and near the top of Jackson County. The district graduation rate was high as well, with both exceeding the state average. These successes come from a strong K-12 system, and not just from the efforts of any one school. Graduation success starts in the elementary and continues through high school.

    So, congratulations to the class of 2019, their families, and to the hard working staff K-12 throughout the district who contribute in so many ways to making this success possible. Let’s keep it rolling and be encouraged that our efforts district wide are paying off in many ways. Our hard work improves the lives of the students we serve.

    Thank you all and congratulations!!!!!!

    Patrick Lee
    Rogue River School District #35

  • 2019-2020 DISTRICT GOALS

    • Student Character & Well Being
    • Outstanding Environment
    • Foster Communication
    • Pride and Image 


       “Rogue River School District will offer a high quality instructional program to
        help students acquire necessary academic and life skills to succeed in a
        complex competitive world, while also learning the importance of respect,
        accountability, and responsibility"


       “Rogue River School District will offer an exciting interactive and safe learning
         environment where students can excel to the best of their ability, and become
         respectful, responsible, and productive citizens.”