• The Basics of Title 1 Schools

    The Title 1 program is the oldest and largest federally funded education program. Dating back to 1965, there are 1000’s of schools participating nationwide in an effort to help bridge the gap between low income students and the rest of the student population.

    There are 2 forms of Title 1

    The first is Title 1 Targeted Assistance Program, which is a supplemental program for schools possessing a poverty level below 40% with funds being allocated to programs or activities that assist primarily the vulnerable population.

    The second is Title 1 Schoolwide Program, designed for schools possessing a poverty rate of 40% or above. This allows the funds to be allocated over the school as a whole.

    Title 1 in Our School

    Rogue River Elementary is a Schoolwide Title 1 participant. As part of the schoolwide program, we receive funding that allows us to provide various programs and family supports, including, but not limited to:

    • Free Meal Program
    • Instructional Support
    • Behavior, Mentoring, Social, & Emotional Support
    • School Climate Intervention (anti bullying, behavior intervention etc.)
    • High Quality Transition Programs (Pre-K to Kinder, Elementary to JH/HS)
    • Technology Devices & Software for Student Access to Digital Learning Tools
    • Family & Community Involvement Activities
    • Individualized Family & Student Support
    • Supplemental Materials, Activities, & Programming in Areas Relating to Reading, Writing, English, Language, STEM, Art, and Social Science

    The Title 1 program is instrumental in our ability to provide families and student with the high quality education and support they need. If you have any questions regarding our Title 1 program please reach out to our school principals or district office.