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December 17, 2021 TikTok Challenge Message from the RRSD

Nationwide, school districts including ours, are hearing about school-related threats that have been posted on the social media platform TikTok. Several states are reporting threats circulating in their communities about school shootings and bomb threats “for every school in the USA, even elementary,” happening on Friday, December 17. Although the threat did not originate in Rogue River School District, we are sharing this with all of you because we feel we can never be too safe when it comes to creating awareness about the dangers of social media. Rogue River School District has done the following:

  • Contacted local law enforcement and requested presence at and near our campuses.
  • Alerted staff and families to be watchful of any concerns

 This situation serves as a good example of why it is important to avoid sharing posts online that refer to school safety threats. Even if they are not credible, such posts can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for our students, families, and staff. These escalating TikTok trends come at a time when mental health and behavior are some of our number one priorities at RRSD.

As a community, we can: 

  • Come together and support our kids and make sure they feel comfortable coming to us with their concerns. 
  • Talk to your children to learn more about what they see on social media, what they hear on the bus, and what worries or concerns they might have as they navigate social media platforms. 
  • Remind our children again and again the importance of how they interact with others, whether in person or online
  • Notify school staff or administrator right away if your children become aware of any potential threat posted to social media or anywhere else

Again, I want to remind you that this is part of a national TikTok trend, the posts did not originate in our school district, and law enforcement officials across the country do not believe they are viable threats. School will continue as the scheduled late start day on December 17, 2021.

We want to reassure our community that any threat to Rogue River School District schools, deemed credible or not, is taken seriously and is investigated to the full extent. As always, thank you for your partnership as we work to ensure a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for our students.