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RRSD Incident Statement 9/27/19

Dear parents and guardians,


Today at 12:25 I received notice from principal Jamie Wright who had received a report from a police scan listener that there was a shooting somewhere north of the high school.  Based on the information she had, we agreed she should put her school into preventative lockdown pending more information.  At this point, neither I nor any administrators had heard anything from any law enforcement agency regarding an incident in our area and did not know anything like this was going on.  My past experience is that law enforcement contacts the schools when they feel we are in danger and should be in lockdown.  I texted HS principal Chris Carmiencke to find out what he knew about the situation, where it was located, and whether or not he was going in to lockdown.  While waiting for a response,  I immediately called the Jackson County Sherriff’s office for advice/information.

At about 12:30, I finished my call with the Jackson County Sheriff’s office.  They assured me twice that we did not need to be in lockdown. I passed this message on to district Principals.  

Around 12:32, Principal Carmiencke and I discussed whether or not his students could leave campus for lunch as per normal.  Based on the information we had received from the Sheriff’s office, we agreed they could, though we asked them not to drive north on East Evans Creek to stay clear of the area where the incident had happened.  

At approximately 12:45,  A sheriff’s deputy came to the HS to tell us everything was under control and that the suspect was in custody.  Both principals were notified of this confirmation of facts.  I expressed concern to the deputy that we had not been notified or contacted earlier about this incident happening near our school. 

I share these facts with you as I feel it is the strongest way to avoid misunderstandings, misinformation, and miscommunication.  Your child’s safety is of the highest importance to us.  Thank you for your understanding.   We are relieved that all of our students are safe and were minimally impacted.



Patrick Lee


Rogue River School District