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Important RRJSHS Principal Message April 10, 2020

A Message from our RRJSHS Principal:


April 10th, 2020


Dear Students and Families,


As you have more than likely heard, it is official that Rogue River Junior Senior High School will not be able to resume school on campus for the remainder of the school year per the orders of the governor and the Oregon Department of Education. There is no doubt that our staff is sad with this prospect and we really miss being on campus and seeing and interacting with students during the school day. We miss you.


That said, we are ready to begin our plan for Distance Learning for All, starting next week, the week of April 13th - April 17th! In case it is not clear, yes, this is school, and yes, it will count as a time to earn credit, and yes, it is required that students engage, take part in the learning opportunities and experiences that we will provide to students at home. Distance Learning for All, as proposed by the Oregon Department of Education is required for all K-12 students enrolled in public school. At RRJSHS, we do not see this as a requirement, we see it as an opportunity. Educating the students of the Rogue River area and those who have transferred into our school district is what we do best and we aim for that to continue. In this letter, it is my hope to show the direction the school is taking and to answer commonly asked questions.


The 3rd Quarter of the 2019-2020 School Year will be as follows:

Students will earn either a Pass (P) or a No Pass (NP) for the quarter.
Students can still earn an Incomplete (I) if they have not completed what they need to bring a NP up to a P by the end of the grading window. 
Only students who had no chance of possibly passing Q3 should earn a NP at the end of the grading window. If there is a “glimmer of a chance” they could have made it to a Pass, they will receive an Incomplete.
Students who earn an Incomplete will have until school is out for the year, June 10th at 3:30 pm to turn in assignments or assessments that will determine if they will earn a P or a NP. 
We will not carry over an “I” grade after June 10th. It needs to be determined that the grade is a P or a NP. 
The Grading Window is from April 8th through April 24th. On April 24th teachers will provide all students a P/ NP/ or I.
P/ NP grades have no impact on a student’s current GPA. It only accounts for credit.


The 4th Quarter (Distance Learning for All quarter):

The Oregon Department of Education has not provided guidance for grading expectations for Quarter 4 at this time. Our current plan is to use the same grading system (P/ NP/ I) for this quarter as we did for Quarter 3. The window to bring up Incomplete grades will be much longer and will more than likely extend into the 2020-2021 school year.


Attendance Expectations:
All students will need to make at least two 2-way communications with any staff member in an instructional week. This will officially begin on the week of April 13th, and will be tracked until the end of the school year. Weeks will count as Wednesday to Wednesday to align with Instructional Delivery.


What counts as a 2-way communication:
A staff member emails a student or class, and a student responds back to the teacher.
A staff member assigns student work and a student submits a completed/ or partially completed artifact (including turning in work at Meal Drop sites or the school).
A staff member is hosting a virtual meeting, and a student joins in and is part of the meeting, even if they do not contribute verbally in the meeting. This includes Google Classroom and Class Dojo (Elementary) interactions.
A student emails or calls a staff member to ask a question and they either talk, or the staff member replies back.


What will happen to a student who is considered absent for a week:
They will be flagged for a secretary/ vice principal/ school counselor to make double efforts to contact the family and let them know they need to be engaging in school. 
After two weeks it will go to the principal level.
If this doesn’t produce results the truancy officer will become involved.


Code of Conduct and Technology Agreements:
Students will still be held to the same code of conduct as they have for the school year. Their interactions on-line need to be appropriate and respectful. If there is a misuse of technology there is the possibility that that privilege will be revoked, depending on the severity of the offense. We have and will continue to use web filtration and web management software to support positive and appropriate use of school technology.


Academic Expectations:
Students will be expected to complete assignments, projects, and assessments as delivered by their teachers in a reasonable timeframe in order to earn credit. We expect academic integrity in the work that students complete as it needs to be their own, and not completed by any other family member, or plagiarized. Work that is submitted that is not completed by the student could jeopardize the ability of that student to earn credit during the “Distance Learning for All” timeframe.


Delivery of Educational Materials (both hard copies and digital distribution):
All digital instructionally delivery will be pushed out between the hours of 10 am and 12 pm on Wednesday of each week to coincide with the bus delivery for those who do not have wireless internet capabilities.


School Goals for the Closure:
Below are the staff goals for the remainder of the school year:
Goal 1: We will connect routinely with all students for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year
Goal 2: All students will make two 2-way communications with at least one staff member each week for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year
Goal 3: All students will have the opportunity to earn credit (High School Credit or Jr. High School Credit) for the 4th quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.


Class of 2020 Specifics:
All Seniors will still need to earn 24 credits to earn an Oregon Diploma. For you/your student, the grade you were earning at the closure of school (March 13) will either be a Pass or Incomplete. All passing grades will count for Semester Credit (.5 credit) and all incomplete grades will not count for Semester Credit. In order to bring up the Incomplete grade (I), your senior will need to complete what was required for all seniors for Quarter 3 up to the point of school closure on March 13th and nothing more.

In addition, all essential skills requirements for Reading, Writing and Mathematics have been waived for the class of 2020. Also, all Career Related Learning requirements have been waived (these were done through a combination of the senior binder/ senior presentation).

To be clear, if a senior earns a Passing Grade for classes they were taking at the time of the school closure, they will not need to complete anything further for those courses for the remainder of the school year and they will earn full Semester Credit for the work they did from February 4th (Start of Quarter 3) to school closure on March 13th.

For those seniors working on Credit Retrieval, they will still need to complete a certain amount in those classes to earn credit. There is some guidance from the state, but we will need to look at all seniors on an individual basis to know what they need to complete. The state has given us a deadline of April 30th to notify all seniors of their status and plan toward graduation. We know we will be able to let all of our seniors know well before then...but I would encourage students who have credits to make up to make it to 24 credits to do so.


Class of 2021 Specifics:

Many students and families have asked about essential skills requirements as the main vehicle for proving Essential Skills (The Smarter Balanced Assessment) will not happen this year. The guidance for the Oregon Department of Education has waived the Essential Skills Requirements and Career Related Learning requirements to earn an Oregon Diploma. This means that students of the class of 2021 will not need to pass an exam or complete any work samples in order to graduate. This also means that the Senior Binder/ Senior Presentation will not be required for graduation, but as there is value in the Senior Binder/ Senior Presentation, there may be a possibility that they will still be part of a senior level course.


Class of 2022 and Beyond Specifics:
It is expected that the Class of 2022 and beyond will resume the Essential Skills and Career Related Learning requirements necessary to earn an Oregon Diploma. There may be changes made to the requirements as will be determined by The Oregon Department of Education. We will provide you with the guidance as soon as it is made available.


In the coming weeks there will be discussions about how we will host Graduation for the Class of 2020 and how we can acknowledge their unprecedented accomplishments. We will include the voice of students in these discussions so that we can create a Graduation experience that is worthy of these remarkable individuals.

We look forward to the official start to “Distance Learning for All” next week! Thank you for your continued support of your student’s education, and of RRJSHS. We love Chieftain Nation!




Chris Carmiencke

RRJSHS Principal